Friday, 23 July 2010

the world around us

There are always worlds around us.  Each of us lives in our own reality, whether we realise it or not is another matter entirely.

 I live in a world where music is constantly playing in my head, dark, dramatic, Romantic music.  Sometimes I feel like a vampire… more comfortable in the darkness, fearing the daylight; I have come to the conclusion this is because day time is truth to so many; why see naked truth when you can live in the land of the dreams.

It could be said I live inside my head, and yet I aware of everything around me.  I see them looking.. they think they see an easy blonde who can be bought. 

Do you believe in synergy amongst to people?
Each day we are living our lives and each moment we are changed, altered by the events which we experience, every night we go to sleep a different person.  So can there be unity?

I have grown like all of us, I have changed, I have developed, I leave the dreams in the shadows of the trees, in that green glow of summer.  I breathe the morning breeze and still remain surprised by all that which comes to pass on day by day.

If I think of how I got here, the places I have seen, the people I have met I feel tired, overwhelmed and yet peaceful.

So much more is still to come

Thursday, 22 July 2010


Today I left the place I've loved without a single tear.
Just quick good byes and suprised eyes,
Not a single fear.

I knew it wouldn't last forever, 
I hope that I am missed.
They thought that they were being clever,
What an ironic twist..

Good Bye, Farewell, I loved you
I am sure we will meet again.
When dreams are dreamt,
And said words meant 
And I will not think of then.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The difficulty

It is hard to understand the shape I take..
It is changing all the time
But if you take a moment to truly see
You'll find both the fire and the ice in me...

my lonely soul

Something has happened to me, this weekend I withdrew into my own thoughts.. I felt lost in a corporate world, much preferring to be creative and write poetry and music and contemplate philosophy.  Is there a being that could share my quiet soul... my facade is loud so playing the game is essential but my soul is quiet and sultry, in need of a companion to say nothing with.. a person to glide with through life without miscommunication.  Reminds me of the relationship between Edward and Bella. 

Dom loves me the way Edward loves her, but perhaps youth does not allow peace in a man..who knows..

The morning after the night before

So the day after J K's bash we joined a friend for brunch at Richoux in Mayfair and couldn't resist a spot of shopping at Marc by Marc Jacobs, by far the most delectable petit shopping experience in town!

Buddie's Birthday Coquine and Valmont

The delightful J K enjoyed her birthday in style with a spattering of close friends and as the pictures reveal a large amount of alcohol.  Laugh with me people, laugh with me!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Maddox Macy Gray Party

Top: Me and Julia Klimenkova, Middle: My lover and the great Chris Walker promoter extraordinaire, Bottom: The Gray lady herself

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

handing in my notice today

so here I am on the brink of freedom.  Freedom to explore.  Freedom to make the rules.  Freedom to do something wonderful.  Here I come world I hope you are ready!

It is a nerve racking and unusual feeling.. knowing I am going to be free is something daunting and yet fabulous.  I am starting my own PR company and magazine, with the help of some dear friends. So I will give it all I have and lets see what happens! Ill let you know the name as soon as I have registered it! x 

Friday, 9 July 2010

fat versus thin

So I am divided ... I want to look like this

But I can't stop eating these

Which means I may very soon end up looking like this...

There is only one thing for it.  My new diet now will consist of water, water more water and perhaps occasionally a celery stick aaaah!
Until I look like this...

the ideas keep flowing

So thanks to my dear friend Richard I am now in the process of setting up my own company. 

I aim to provide top knotch PR to musicians of the world and there are some other potential clients in the mix too so what this space! more on that in the near future.

Indre of First Model management does incredible editorial shoot for MA-gazine

Indre was a shining star as she posed on the colorama for MA-gazine.  I was truly in awe of her ease and style at such a young age.. shot by Ewelina Stechnij

Daniel Heaton does editorial for MA-gazine

Daniel Heaton of MOT graced Model Advice with his presence as he shot this months editorial shot by Ewelina Stechnij...

I Soldier Barbie

 "soldier barbie" definition:

well presented young lady.  Loves fashion, beauty and other widely considered feminine obsessions however also loves war films, hanging with a group of guys and playing poker.  Has been known to take the opportunity to show her strength.  Is also known to get a suprise when she is not as strong as males.  Likes to be considered equal to the men and yet wants to be treated with chivalry.

Life as I know it

So over the last week my life has changed dramatically... - suddenly having an E14 post code was an enormous shock to the system as I have always been a W1/Nw1 devotee. However the sheer glamour of my new building Pan Peninsula is making it all worth while! Spent the first few evenings as a near hermit whilst enjoying the spa, gym and jacuzzi.. not to mention the sun bed! Have established the true meaning of public transport and this is surreal to say the least. Find myself feeling like I am stuck in Lost in translation most mornings.