Saturday, 12 October 2013

Its been a long time

Hello Blog world,

It has been a very long time since I last posted, and oh my a lot has happened. So since we spoke I took a job with an international communication company moved to Istanbul, then to Bangladesh where I met my soul mate and got married.  I then moved to Iraq for 6 months... I know you were not expecting that, then back to London for 5 months and now I am back in Istanbul but about to move to Kuala Lumpur.

So I have been married for two years almost and I am promoting emerging markets for the international business community.  I cannot believe it when I look back - even through the blog pictures and I think of the different world we are in now - I mean the last time I was on this blog - there was no instagram - or if there was nobody was aware... and now look! you can hardly move without somebody talking about instagram of hash tag...

I will make another blog post about that soon as it has been a point of amusement in my set.



Friday, 5 November 2010

Falling back in love

I have been very quiet lately... blog-wise I mean.  I have so much on my plate I look like a member of the Klumps at an all you can eat buffet!

The BBC having been following me around for this new documentary they are doing about young people about town, I have clients requiring attention daily and I am helping to organise The Victory Ball in aid of Help For Heroes on the 25th of November at the NAtural History Museum.

Not to mention my music manager Laurence in the south of France has sent me 2 tracks which I am supposed to have mastered and recorded but simply have not got the time! Oh dear when you havent got time what you love that cannot be a good sign...

Oh well the bills have to paid regardless and at the moment that involves hard labour and determination.

Hopefully one day it will involve signing the bottom line whilst sitting by the pool drinking a Mai Tai..

For now I am happy back with my man, who I have fallen madly in love with... I think maybe more than the first time we met... ah dom dom my shining star!

Wish me luck people!

Thursday, 30 September 2010

There has been so much happening that I really feel as if I am living in a whirl wind.  I went back to my lover, and we have both been making a real effort to make it work, plus what can I say he bought me puppies... now no girl can resist! (unless you are cruella deville or allergic).  They are called Clio and Zeus and wait for images (they are on another computer).

I am attending the wedding of the first person from my group at school to get married on Saturday.... kill me now, what does one wear to a wedding these days anyway? so much easier when coloured skirt suits were all the rage, ahhh I envy my mother.

BBC 3 are putting me in some TV show as well, we start filming tomorrow, and they will basically be following me round for about 5 months.  All good, it might be good exposure for some of my clients...

Thursday, 26 August 2010

hello world

Wrote this to a friend and thought it was worth blogging:

Things I love:
Fine wine, cheese, thunder storms, the colour turquoise, big cuddly dogs, movie soundtrack music, trying to save the world in heated discussions, playing poker, war movies, bloody mary's on a sunday, heated outdoor swimming pools at night, kissing for hours, sitting on the beach at sunset, watching the stars at night, being on speed boats, playing in the snow, sitting under a big tree in the sunshine reading, walking in the woods, sea food, travelling, meeting strangers, driving fast, making love slow, philosophy, spontaneity, laughing till it hurts, galaxy chocolate.

Friday, 20 August 2010

A couple of days ago I was bitterly hurt.. for a while now I have been attacked by a certain person every time he see me.  He literally says the most outrageously rude things to me (not sexual things, unkind things) and because he is incredibly over weight and scary nobody says anything.  A couple of days ago I could not take it anymore, he was out of line and incredibly horrible in front of several if my friends and in a new colleague! I unfortunately burst into tears.. I don't know whether this was as a result of continuous (every time I have the misfortune of seeing him) bullying or whether I was feeling particularly weak, or what but it was awful, I managed to wait till he had gone out of the way but still I have gone over and over it in my head and I am strong, why didn't I just get up and say excuse me you are not worth my time and walk away.  Seriously I am furious at myself and I do not know what to do for the best... I mean you know that in society it is the one who appears stronger who seems in the right, but I just find that sooooo wrong. I will get over it, but to make it worse a new friend of mine then went on to another place with the arse who he had just met!  I feel silly and alone today guys.. any words of wisdom or advice of how to deal with the monster then let me know.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Trapped Freedom

Here I sit, the office chair holds me in a little wheelie hug.  I broke up with dom dom the don last week, and it feels strange, like I have been in an accident, got up walked home and then realised that I have broken legs...

Luckily I started a new project this week with a company called centralnic, and everyone in the office is charming.  I took a moment to write to you all as I realise I have been a little distant, maybe now you realise why...

I am listening to absolute radio through my swarowski head phones (bargain in NYC on sale for 20 bucks).. I discovered the station yesterday, it is a total melange of styles which I like.  

One day I will share some of the journal which I started in one of my low points, but at the moment I feel a little too trapped to spread my wings.  

I am free from him and trapped by me