Thursday, 30 September 2010

There has been so much happening that I really feel as if I am living in a whirl wind.  I went back to my lover, and we have both been making a real effort to make it work, plus what can I say he bought me puppies... now no girl can resist! (unless you are cruella deville or allergic).  They are called Clio and Zeus and wait for images (they are on another computer).

I am attending the wedding of the first person from my group at school to get married on Saturday.... kill me now, what does one wear to a wedding these days anyway? so much easier when coloured skirt suits were all the rage, ahhh I envy my mother.

BBC 3 are putting me in some TV show as well, we start filming tomorrow, and they will basically be following me round for about 5 months.  All good, it might be good exposure for some of my clients...

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