Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Trapped Freedom

Here I sit, the office chair holds me in a little wheelie hug.  I broke up with dom dom the don last week, and it feels strange, like I have been in an accident, got up walked home and then realised that I have broken legs...

Luckily I started a new project this week with a company called centralnic, and everyone in the office is charming.  I took a moment to write to you all as I realise I have been a little distant, maybe now you realise why...

I am listening to absolute radio through my swarowski head phones (bargain in NYC on sale for 20 bucks).. I discovered the station yesterday, it is a total melange of styles which I like.  

One day I will share some of the journal which I started in one of my low points, but at the moment I feel a little too trapped to spread my wings.  

I am free from him and trapped by me

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