Friday, 23 July 2010

the world around us

There are always worlds around us.  Each of us lives in our own reality, whether we realise it or not is another matter entirely.

 I live in a world where music is constantly playing in my head, dark, dramatic, Romantic music.  Sometimes I feel like a vampire… more comfortable in the darkness, fearing the daylight; I have come to the conclusion this is because day time is truth to so many; why see naked truth when you can live in the land of the dreams.

It could be said I live inside my head, and yet I aware of everything around me.  I see them looking.. they think they see an easy blonde who can be bought. 

Do you believe in synergy amongst to people?
Each day we are living our lives and each moment we are changed, altered by the events which we experience, every night we go to sleep a different person.  So can there be unity?

I have grown like all of us, I have changed, I have developed, I leave the dreams in the shadows of the trees, in that green glow of summer.  I breathe the morning breeze and still remain surprised by all that which comes to pass on day by day.

If I think of how I got here, the places I have seen, the people I have met I feel tired, overwhelmed and yet peaceful.

So much more is still to come


  1. You have such a beautiful blog! I love how you write already :)

  2. embrace it. synergy, unity, the naked truth. embrace it all.

    you've already seen it.